Tool Box

The RetroKit Toolbox is defined as a set of technological solutions, multifunctional components and architectural concepts, prefabricated or partly prefabricated, developed by the RetroKit project and supplemented by market available technologies that fulfill the above criteria. The RetroKit toolbox offers flexible and complete retrofitting solutions to the potential customers.

A Decision Support Tool and System are the advisers which allow the user to interact with the toolbox.

The toolbox is designed to provide solutions for different users with different expectations. Potential users are building owners; architects and designers; and manufacturers (materials and building components). The level of input inserted in the toolbox from the user will automatically define the level of accuracy and the level of output desired.

Potential users should use the RetroKit toolbox and the associated DST and DSS to know in advance which can be the benefits achievable using a certain particular type of technologies (i.e. prefabricated and multifunctional) that still represent a market niche.  Thus the actual potential of this type of technologies is not well known and spread.

The RetroKit Toolbox will be available in February 2016.