Public Deliverables

WP1 – Societal beneficial systemic retrofit

  • D1.1 – Requirements of societal aspects for a successful and beneficial implementation of RetroKit toolbox (download)
  • D1.2 – Design guidelines for an architecturally attractive Retrofit toolbox (download)
  • D1.4 – Success criteria for market implementation: perspective of players involved in construction (download)

WP2 – Multifunctional and modular retrofitting components and technologies

  • D2.4 – Performance report on innovative solutions (download)

WP3 – RetroKit Toolbox

  • D3.1 – Report on the requirements of a robust, flexible, multifunctional and prefabricated retrofit toolbox (download)
  • D3.3 – Retrokit Decision Support System (download)

WP4 – Effective retrofitting process

  • D4.1 – Optimised retrofitting construction processes (download)
  • D4.6 – RetroKit Methodology (download)

WP5 – Market Replication

  • D5.3 – Updated Business Model (download)
  • D5.6 – Probabilistic assessment of global life-cycle-cost of retrofits (download)

WP6 – Pilot cases and Demonstration

  • D6.5 – Performance and economic assessment of Retrokit system on full scale demonstration buildings (download)

WP7 – Exploitation, dissemination and stakeholders engagement

  • D7.1 – Public website set-up (download)
  • D7.2 – Report on dissemination through publishing of RetroKit publications (download)
  • D7.3 – Report on training activities (download)
  • D7.5 – Workshop organization for presenting (download)