At this page, you can view films and learn more about the different technological solutions that the RetroKit project has used at the demonstration buildings.



Toolboxes for systemic retrofitting. The vision of the RetroKit project is to develop and demonstrate multifunctional, modular, low cost and easy to install prefabricated modules in order to significantly increase the EU retrofitting rate and contribute to EU energy reduction commitments. In this introductory film you can learn more about the RetroKit project.
Window module with installation frame. The window module with installation frame is a theoretical solution for the RetroKit Toolbox. The prefabricated window frame carries the load, which means that there is a possibility to mount the window from the outside of the building, without the need to disturb the inhabitants.
Insulation panels. The multifunctional insulation board was installed at the demonstration building in Frankfurt. The advantages of this insulation board is that the insulation layer is containing pipes and tubes of different dimensions. It is pre-cutted according to these dimensions and needs only minimal additional work to “click-in” tubes and pipes.
Façade and roof system. The combined PV/solar thermal in ETICS was used at the demonstration building in Madrid. Using the sunlight, the building-integrated elements provides renewable heat and electricity to the inhabitants.
The multifunctional facade channel for exhaust air was installed at the demonstration building in Frankfurt. One advantage of the system is that the ventilation units can be mounted outside of the apartment. This means that no access to the apartments is needed for maintenance, change of filters etc.
Windows. The window module with heat exchanger was installed in the demonstration building in Madrid. The module minimizes thermal loads, gives the habitants fresh preheated air and ensures them good indoor quality. It does also increase air tightness.