Design Project Dublin

During the autumn semester 2015, the School of Architecture at University College Dublin has worked on a Retrofit Design Project, made by RetroKit.


House collage

DWEcoCo, the Irish partner in the RetroKit project, has introduced the design project to the students in the Masters in Sustainable Design programme with the RetroKit project as a source of information. Through a combination of seminars on retrofitting and the sustainable design of buildings and design workshops focused on design concepts and solutions for a selected apartment building in Dublin.

The building in Dublin is of a similar type to the focus of the RetroKit project. Plans of the building have been made available to the students in a CAD format so that they can focus their efforts on the design of suitable retrofit solutions using the RetroKit Toolbox.

Ten students completed the project with various innovative ideas for the building in Dublin, with focus on energy efficiency and attractive design for the residents. Their projects can be seen in the pdf files, or in the book “RetroKit Design Project for Architecture Students”.