Design Project Madrid

During the spring semester 2016, the School of Architecture at Alcala de Henares University has worked on a Retrofit Design Project implementing RetroKit Solutions.



EMVS, one of the Spanish partners in the RetroKit project, has introduced the RetroKit project as a source of information, to university students at the 4th Year course on Innovation & Sustainability, at the School of Architecture at Alcala de Henares University. The students have developed their projects, while going through a combination of seminars on retrofitting and the sustainable design of buildings and design workshops focused on sustainable and bioclimatic design concepts and solutions.


Eighteen students from different countries, grouped in 8 different teams completed the project with various innovative ideas for the buildings in Spain & Greece, with focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.


In a first phase, each group chose an existing building, analyzed climate and performance and proposed a retrofitting solution, based on RetroKit developments.  The second part consisted of designing a new build small industrialized extension with RetroKit products as well.


The students projects can be seen in the pdf files below, or in the book “RetroKit Design Project for Architecture Students”.


The PDFs Panels structure is as follows:

  • Panel 1. Information on building to be retrofitted, climate and performance analysis
  • Panel 2. Proposal to retrofit the building including RetroKit elements
  • Panel 3- Proposal to build an industrialisaded new extension with RetroKit solutions