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RetroKit Newsletter No 8, October 2016

This is the last newsletter from the RetroKit Project! The project is now concluded but the partners activities will continue, exploiting the results obtained so far within the project. Read More

RetroKit Webinar

See the presentations from the RetroKit webinar! Among others Fraunhofer talks about innovative prefab solutions for apartment buildings that were developed in Retrokit. Read More

RetroKit at Indoor Air 2016

From 3 to 8 July 2016 the 14th International Conference of Indoor Air Quality and Climate was held in Ghent, Belgium, bringing together scientists from all over the world, working in the field of indoor air. Read More

RetroKit Newsletter no 7, June 2016

The European collaborative project RetroKit is now in its final phase with only three months left. The works at the demonstration buildings are finished; to learn more about the works, you can read a short report from Frankfurt but also watch films about some of the technical solutions that have been used. This is some of the news in the 7th newsletter from RetroKit. Read More

Madrid students projects

During the spring semester 2016, the School of Architecture at Alcala de Henares University has worked on a Retrofit Design Project implementing RetroKit Solutions. Read More

Demo Building Nauheimer Straße 1- 3, Frankfurt

The Retrokit demonstration building “Nauheimer Straße 1-3” in Frankfurt has been finished in spring 2016. The façade integrated air ducts of each house have been connected to ventilation systems positioned in the attic. Read More

Films about the technological solutions

Now you can watch short films and learn more about the technical solutions that have been used in the retrofitting of the RetroKit demonstration buildings. Read More

RetroKit students projects

During spring semester 2016, students from the Innovation & Sustainability module at Architecture Department at Universidad de Alcala de Henares will work with a design project where the RetroKit project is the source of information. Read More

RetroKit in EnBauSa

The retrofitting work at the RetroKit demonstration building in Frankfurt is observed at Energetisch Bauen und Sanieren - Read More

RetroKit Newsletter no 6, December 2015

The european collaboration project RetroKit has now 8 months left of the 48 months that the project will last. RetroKit has now finished the work at the demonstration building in Frankfurt, which you, amongst other news, can read in this 6th edition of the RetroKit newsletter.
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Retrofit Design Project for Masters Students

During the autumn semester 2015, the School of Architecture at University College Dublin has worked on a Retrofit Design Project, made by RetroKit.
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Retrofitting in Frankfurt

The retrofitting of the RetroKit demonstration building is now more or less finished. It has been a long and challenging process, but the final result promise an obvious decrease in energy demand and also an increase of indoor air quality. Read More

The retrofitting process in Frankfurt has started!

The retrofitting process in Frankfurt at Nauheimer Strasse has now begun! The building that is built in 1954 consists of two four storey-buildings with 20 apartments.
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RetroKit Newsletter no5

The fifth newsletter from RetroKit.
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User satisfaction and indoor environmental quality

It's time to evaluate the user satisfaction and the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in the RetroKit demonstration buildings. The measurments will be made as questionnaires and interviews with the residents, but also as physical and chemical measurments in the buildings.
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