Piteå (Sweden)

The demo building in Piteå, Sweden, is situated in Öjebyn which is a small village just outside the town of Piteå that is 850 km north of Stockholm.  The owner PITEBO is a corporate municipality-owned organisation; typically there is one in each municipality in Sweden.

The two-storey building is built in 1967 and is one of six identical houses with 12 apartments in each house. Each house has 775 m2 living area, the construction is plastered façade and walls of concrete blocks. The building is prioritized for renovation because of the average consumption of energy that is 181 kWh/m2. The dwellings are heated with water radiators fueled with district heating.

In Piteå, RetroKit will have to make some changes of some of the materials and technologies:

  • Decentralised systems are not a preferred solution in this climate; the reason is that each unit requires condensation evacuation for defrosting. Both landlords and tenants, in Sweden, are not comfortable with this solution yet due to the reoccurring maintenance visit in the apartments. Therefore, the Piteå demo building will not have a technical box.
  • Windows need to have U-value 1.0 for not openable- and 1.1 for openable windows. Window modules with ventilation inlets and installation frames are preferred.
  • Insulation for the air channels needs to be 150 mm, where mineral wool boards with channels will be used due to fire regulations. Multifunctional boards are preferred.
  • Additional insulation will be added in the roof. The roof construction will not be altered.
  • Supply and exhaust air unit will be placed in the roof, mounting a pre-fabricated fan room.

Brief Fact:

Year of construction: Late 1960’s
No. of apartments: 4
Energy demand before retrofit: 180 kWh/m2y
Estimated energy demand after retrofit: 90 kWh/m2y
Construction works: Late autumn 2015 or spring 2016