Frankfurt (Germany)

The demo building at Nauheimer Strasse in Frankfurt, Germany, consists of two four storey-buildings built in 1954. To reduce the energy use, the building needs new windows and better insulation.

RetroKit will have two different approaches regarding the renovation of the two buildings:

  • Nauheimer Straße 1 will demonstrate the approach of Fraunhofer IBP, ABGnova/FAAG with a ventilation system without heat recovery. The technique is located in the attic, which means easy maintenance. The exhaust air pipes will be put on the facade in an installation shaft. All materials are fire-proofed, with air-inlets in the window frame, monitoring of air quality and energy consumption.
  • The rehabilitation of Nauheimer Straße 3 is mainly based on ideas of Fraunhofer ISE, ABGnova/FAAG, Beck+Heun etc., with a supply and exhaust air system with heat recovery.  The technique will also be located in the attic, which means easy maintenance. The exhaust and supply air ducts will be put in a prefabricated insulation panel made off Mineral wool. The overall thickness of the two layer system is 16cm. All materials are fireproofed.
    The Air‐inlets are integrated and prefabricated in the load bearing window framing
    element. Monitoring systems of air quality and energy consumption will be installed.

Brief Fact:

Year of construction: 1954
No. of apartments: 20
Energy consumption before retrofit: 175,2 kWh/m2y
Estimated energy demand after retrofit: –
Construction works: Autumn 2015