Demo Buildings

In RetroKit, three different residential buildings in Europe will function as demonstrations for the RetroKit solutions. The three demonstration buildings are located in three different climate zones, which places high demands on the technical solutions that will be developed by the project.

The RetroKit project aims to bring the aspect of multifunctional façade and roof elements into the retrofit sector. The project develops special integrated solutions which are dealing with the aspects of heating, ventilation, cooling, electricity and ICT in a flexible way. The key factor is the window element accompanied with a technical box taking in HVAC systems as well as interfaces for building services (ducting, piping) installed on the existing façade.

Two years into the project the demonstration buildings are in different development phases, from planning and early construction to completed construction and monitoring.

The three demonstration buildings for the Retrokit solutions are located in:


  • Madrid (Spain)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
    Frankfurt 1
  • Piteå (Sweden)